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Advanced Rehabilitation and
Neuromuscular Re-education

Experience and Expertise

person curling physical therapy weightAs the former Director of Rehabilitation at the Sports Science Center and as a certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Doctor, Dr. Zielonka can prescribe the best exercise program for you.

Are you unsure which program is best for you? The first step to finding out more is a consultation. Reach out to usto schedule your appointment.

We offer several options for care:

  • Advanced Exercise Sessions: These programs are designed to strengthen and restore function to specific areas of the body. Stretching and strengthening exercise sessions are excellent for acute and chronic injuries. The Biotonix BioPrint Postural Analysis is available to create computer-generated exercises that will rebalance your spine.
  • Posture Improvement: All ages can suffer from poor posture, especially those who spend time at a computer.  Advanced techniques can help your weaknesses and postural faults, including handouts and specialized supervision. A strong, straight spine combined with the nervous system and muscular function is the key to your health.
  • Neurological Spinal Stabilization & Proprioception: Sit straighter, stand taller, breathe easier and improve your coordination and balance. This program corrects faulty movement patterns, muscle inhibition and weakness, neurological control and poor muscle firing patterns. Whether you seek peak performance in your daily activities or at work, it can improve your overall function and complement your chiropractic care.
  • Specialized Exercise Programs: Dr. Zielonka is the past Director of Rehabilitation at the Ottawa Sports Science Centre and has treated many Olympic and professional athletes, including one of the previous world’s fastest men. He holds advanced standing as a Certified Rehabilitation Doctor and is a member of the Society of Weight Training Injury Specialists. Dr. Zielonka and exercise therapist Tanya Wakefield will provide you with an exercise program that goes well beyond any typical gym workout.
  • Supervised Active Rehabilitation: Sports injuries and motor vehicle accident victims can benefit from this highly specialized program. It includes specific protocols to restore neurological function and neuromusculoskeletal balance and activate inhibited muscles. Your one-on-one sessions with our exercise therapist will help speed your healing progress.

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