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Celebrating National Health Day in 2021

snow angel Celebrating National Health Day amidst a global pandemic might seem a bit odd to some but we think it’s actually the perfect time.

Over the past year, Canadians have focused on their health like never before. We’ve watched virologists and epidemiologists in the news explain things to us we never imagined we’d care this much about, we’ve tuned in as politicians and community leaders told us how to stay ‘safe’, and we’ve masked, washed, and distanced. All in the name of health. But what if I asked you to define the world itself? Define… “Health”.

You see, I believe each of us has our own, cobbled together, idea of what the word “Health” means and for the most part it serves us well. But did you know that not only does the word “Health” have a very specific definition but, it’s defined in a manner that matches no other word in the dictionary today?

If we as individuals and as a country (planet even?) are going to really and truly focus on health in the face of COVID19 or any other challenge, from the common cold to cancer, does it not make sense to start with the basics… What. Does. Health. Mean?

If you’re a patient of Dr. Zielonka’s you may very well know the answer. If you’re new to National Health Day you may be wondering ‘why have I never heard of this?’. Either way I invite you to ready this year’s article (National Health Day 2021), and watch Dr. Zielonka’s latest video ( so you can better understand the word health, the history of National Health Day, and why, 17 years in we’re still just as enthusiastic about spreading our mission to create a day for all Canadians to focus on themselves and what it means to have “Health”.

Have a Happy Health-filled Day!


Dr. John Zielonka


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  1. Susan James says
    Feb 09, 2021 at 3:02 PM

    I am planning on doing 30 minutes of yoga and going for a 30 minute walk in the fresh air all on February 15th!

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