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Upcoming Events at Ottawa Chiropractic & Natural Health Centre

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3rd Monday of Every Month*, 12:30 pm

Awesome Abs is our free, half-hour core strength workout presented by Tanya Wakefield, personal trainer and exercise therapist for Ottawa Chiropractic & Natural Health Centre.

Each month Tanya will vary the exercises that she does with the group. This is a full participation session designed for intermediate to advanced individuals.

There is a room available for anyone who needs to change into exercise clothing. Space is limited so sign up early!

*If the Monday is question is a holiday the session will be held the following week.

Health Day

3rd Monday of February, Every Year

The 3rd Monday in February every year is a civic holiday in Ontario called Family Day. However at Ottawa Chiropractic & Natural Health Centre, we celebrate it as “National Health Day” – a day when we encourage our patients to think about their own health and the health of their families, and the definition of “health” and what that means to us.

It’s a great day to get out and do something healthy, or experiment with a new food or sport!

Ottawa’s mayor has even written a declaration about National Health Day, which we have been receiving every year since the inception of the holiday over a decade ago. Dr. Z has also written several articles about the holiday

Reach out to Ottawa Chiropractic & Natural Health Centre to book your spot in one of our upcoming events!